Blog Update

Today’s blog update can be found here

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More blogging on my Cumbrian Blue(s) site

Blogging has transfered to my own Shipley Blog – so check there… today’s is here:

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A blog update

Today’s blog update can be found here:

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Plates, Soup Bowls and Community Groups

I’ve been working with a variety of schools and community groups over the past six months… Click here to see some of the plates that they’ve created with me….

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Ipstock stacked bricks at Birtley

Its been a couple of months since I blogged anything about my Shipley Commission. I have been busy with other work things, but the commission has been bubbling under all the time. In a commission of this kind is that there is a long period of researching and collecting information – out in the field – visiting libraries, doing consultations and workshops, attending events, walking and photographing. Then there is the web research – scanning eBay for Gateshead related objects, flickr galleries of images and web based Gateshead archival material. … but at the same time is the consideration of how the artwork is going to be resolved from all this stuff. Concentrated periods of time processing the research – sorting images and materials, placing objects – alone, together, in sequences – reading documentation, drawing etc., take place in my studio, but alongside there is a sort of fermentation process that goes on in my head all the time. This involves assimilating the research – images, text, conversations, impressions, experiences with the need to create an artwork which distills all the stuff into something visually coherent. Sometimes the process is very much in the background – so even when I’m running a print masterclass in Denmark for example, ideas are being formed – slowly, imperceptibly somewhere in my brain.

My intent was to blog as I collected and researched – but as confirmation of the commission slipped the planned exclusive concentrated research time in the early part of the year became taken up with other work. Instead the research has taken longer and been more broken up than intended, and as a result I have not been as diligent in blogging as I had wished. Now I’m in a period of realising the artwork, so a series of blog entries and photo albums are likely to appear over the next week or so as I catch up on the dissemination of stuff that has ben going on for months and months. Things may not appear in timely or themed sequence, and some images will simply be posted without explanation, but the textual commentary in blog will I hope provide some illumination into the creative process and its realisation. Anyway here goes with visuals of some of the material I’m going to work with – here

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Gateshead is…..

What is Gateshead?

Its a lot of things… This is the start of a series of word lists – I’m not pretending they are comprehensive, but would welcome additions if you think I’ve missed places, things events etc… I’ll be posting image lists on my mac blog soon details to follow… In the meantime here’s what Gateshead is (for a start)…

Well its certainly not Newcastle…. its

The Angel of the North, The Baltic and The Sage. The Metro Centre, The Gateshead International Stadium, Gateshead FC, Get Carter Car Park and the Dunston Rocket.

Its urban, rural, suburban, cosmopolitan, commuter.

Metro, buses, trains and trams.

Rivers, boats, rowing and bridges

River Team, River Tyne….

The Blaydon Races

Allerdene, Barlow, Bar Moor, Bensham, Beacon Lough, Bill Quay, Birtley, Blaydon, Blaydon Burn, Bottle Bank, Carr Hill, Chopwell, Chowdene, Clara Vale, Crawcrook, Crookhill, Deckham, Derwent Haugh, Dunston, Eighton Banks, Felling, Fellside, Friars Goose, Greenside, Harlow Green, Hedgefield, Heworth, High Spen, Kibblesworth, Lamesley, Lobley Hill, Low Fell, Lyndhurst, Old Ford, Pelaw, Riverside, Rowlands Gill, Ryton, Saltmeadows, Saltwell, Sheriff Hill, Shipcote, Silver Hills, Springwell, Sunniside, Swalwell, Teams, Team Valley, Wardley, Whickham, Windy Nook, Winlaton, Winlaton  Mill, Wrekenton,

Industrial and Post-Industrial

Brickworks, Cement Works, Chemical Works, Coal, Engineering, Farms, Glassworks, Iron works, Mills, Paintworks, Potteries, Quarries, Railways, Rope-making, Ship Building, Steel.

Allhusen Chemicals, Atlas Rivet Works, Boiler Cover Works, Bensham Brickworks, Clockmill Brickworks, Davidsons Glass, Derwent Brickworks, Dolly Pit, Dunston Coal Staiths, Dunston Engine Works, Dunston Colliery, Dunston Saw Mills, Ellison Glass Works, Fanny Pit, Felling Drops (Coal Shoots), Grease Works, Holzapfel’s Paint works, Hope Pit, Marble Works, Mossheap Quarries, North Eastern Railway Works, Oil and Bitmo Works, Norwood Brickworks, Paper Mills, Pelaw Brickworks, Photographic Dry Plate Works, Pipewellgate Bottle Works, Pipewell Foundry, Redheugh Colliery, Redheugh Engine Works, Redheugh Manure Works, Redheugh Sheet Iron and Steel Works, Sheriff Hill Pottery, Shipbreaking Yards, Sowerby Glass, Teams Glass Works, Teams Hemp and Wire Rope Works, Team Valley Paper Mills, Tyne Bolt and Rivet Works, Tyne Nail Works, Tynevale Brickworks, Upper Heworth Quarry, Victoria Engineering Works, Wardley Colliery, William Pit, Wire Rope Works,

Nature reserves, bike trails and footpaths

Axwell Park, Bill Quay Farm, Black Hill, Blackburn Fell, Blackman’s Wood, Blaydon Burn, Bleach Green, Carrhill Reservoir, Cattyside Wood, Chickens Wood, Channels Wood, Clockburn Wood, Colway Plantation, Coxclose Wood, Crookoe Wood, Crosslane Meadows, Dents Hole Ferry, Eels Wood, Eslington Park, Fugarfield Wood, Gas Works, Haghill Wood, Heworth Windmill, Hill Head Wood, Lady Park, Lands Wood, Lamsley Pastures, Longacre Wood, Low Horseclose Wood, Martin’s Wood, Milkwellburn Wood, Miller’s Park, Miller’s Wood, Norman’s Riding Wood, Ousebrough Wood, Pottery Lane,

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Gateshead icons

For those not living in the area the best known places in Gateshead are cultural icons – the Baltic,

The Baltic Gateshead

The Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery Gateshead

The Sage,

The Sage Music Centre Gateshead.

The Angel of the North

and The Car Park….

The 'Get Carter Car Park' Gateshead

This huge multi-storey architectural creation in the middle of Gateshead’s town centre is otherwise know as the Get Carter Car Park (after the 1971 film starring Michael Caine in which it featured). Its currently being demolished. There’s a great Flickr photostream here….

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